The 3 reasons why Wenesco's hot air convection melters are preferred over water jacket melters:  They're the smarter choice for businesses who are in it for profit!

1. Much lower energy cost to use,  A water jacket melter is not insulated. There is only a thin, very hot metal wall between your operating environment and 200F water. If the water heater in your house were made the same way, your electric or gas costs would nearly double Sure, you can save a few dollars on a water jacket melter now, but you'll pay it back -- and more -- with increased energy bills.

Wenesco Melters are fully insulated and safe to touch. 

2. More even heatingA water jacket melter depends on maintaining water level for even heating.. When the water level drops during operation, you are no longer heating evenly  Users must constantly check on water level.

Wenesco Convection Melters maintain constant, even wax temperature without hot spots

3. Longer product life.  Because a water jacket melter must maintain a certain water level to protect the water heating element, should the level drop too low because of a leak or operator indifference, the heating element will burn out. 

Wenesco heating elements are not dependent on water,
and are guaranteed for one year

water jacket gram     convection gram

Note: number of heater elements varies with model