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Since 1962, Wenesco has been designing and manufacturing specialized machinery and equipment for companies that produce electronic and electrical assemblies.  Although most of our devices are made for standard production scenarios, many others are created for special, one-of-a-kind situations.

Lead-free solder alloys with high tin content will destroy conventional melting pot crucibles (liners), pumps, etc.  Wenesco can treat these parts to prevent this corrosive problem. Click HERE for details

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Wave solder pots  for selective soldering, tinning, stripping, spot & automated soldering.  Custom-made wave solder pots,

Preheaters Stand-alone models for selective soldering and for existing wave solder systems.

Wave Solder pots for Rework with quick change nozzles for selective desoldering / resoldering thru-hole components.
Solder Feeder uses precision controls to direct wire solder to a solder pot or a connection point
Wave solder pots for soldering stators and armatures. Vapor phase  Reflow system uses superheated vapor for soldering with solder paste or preforms in an inert atmosphere
Foam and wave fluxers for existing or new wave solder systems and selective solder systems.  

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