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Wenesco High-temperature Pumps are used for transferring molten salt, zinc, lead, and other non-viscous material at 700C. These centrifugal pumps, with no seals, require only minimal maintenance. They are available with electric or air motors.



Select 120 or 240V for electric motor


Select 304 stainless steel or cast iron construction


Starter with thermal protection


Discharge: 1.25 NPT


Complete air control for air motor


316 SS construction optional at additional cost


Gussets for lowering pump during operation


VFD Speed control optional at additional cost

Model HTP1
with 1-HP motor

Model HTP1
with air motor

Model HTP2
with 2-HP motor




Base dimensions


40 in

12 in

10 IN  X 7 in


58 in

24 in

10 IN  X 7 in


Molten Salt Pump custom made for mounting in our customerís tank

This temperature-controlled heated tank, combined with a high temperature pump
delivers molten salt, used as a coolant. to a Molten Salt Reactor.

The 316-stainless steel reservoir holds 7-1/2 gallons (120 lb. salt) and will operate up to 700C.
Temperature is controlled with an accurate digital thermostat, while pump speed and flow
are controlled with a Variable Frequency Drive.  Power: 13,800 Watts, 240V single or three-phase.

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                                                     Above, molten Salt Loop Test System


This pump for molten salt features an immersion depth of 144 inches. It is made
from 316 stainless steel. This pump includes a 3-in NPT discharge pipe.
The 5-HP air motor delivers ample power to pump 180 GPM @ 15 ft head.

Below, H-Frame pumps for zinc, lead, and other soft metals

bullet H-frame pumps for Zinc and Lead are made to order.
bulletSTYLE HS has 54 inch maximum immersion.
bulletSTYLE HL has 81 inch maximum immersion
bullet Electric or air motors up to 25 HP
bullet Explosion-proof motors. (Class 1,Div 2) is optional
bulletCast iron volute and impeller
bullet304 Stainless steel shaft and frame
bullet Heavy duty hooks mounted to frame to raise and lower the pump.

Spine frame pumps are suitable for shorter immersion depths with
a wide selection of motors.

Who uses Wenesco pumps? 
Here's a partial list.

Terrabon, USA
Cinkarna, Slovenia
Net Shape Cast, Inc, USA
Macit Demir Boru Frofil, Turkey
Aircraft Factory, Egypt
Xytel, Inc., USA
University of Warwick, UK
Novi Conslut Srl, Romania
Innomation, Inc., USA
Pullman Engineering, USA
MIT Lincold Fiscal Office, USA
Johnson Controls, USA 
Maryland Precision Spring USA

University of Cal. Riverside, USA
J.L. Becker Company, USA
Corpacero, S.A., Colombia
Hoaphu Co. Ltd., Vietnam
Compa S.A., Romania
Arcelormittal Skopje (crm) AD, Macedonia
Fonderie Generale du Canada, Canada
Xyonicz Corporation, USA
Surface Modification Systems, USA


FMC Lithium, USA
Dynalande, Inc., USA
Linco Industries, Inc., USA
Dan Owen USA
Snowtech Equipment, India
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Halo Technics, USA
Powerlabs, USA
Air Foil Services, Malaysia
SkyFuel Company, USA
China Rubber Company, China
Arkansas State University, USA
Sisttemex, Mexico
Vulcan Lead, USA
George Washington University, USA
Burt Process Equipment, USA
Envirovac, USA


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