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The design of our melters varies according to the melting temperatures and chemical characteristics of the materials to be heated. 

Wax compounds, hot melt, soap, and other thermoplastics in the 80F to 450F range are best heated using convection-type heating elements and low-watt density band heaters. Many of our melters feature power control in addition to an accurate thermostat to maximize even heating. A heated dispensing valve is usually provided.  A stirrer may be added to assure consistency in a blend. 

Melters in the 80F to 1000F range are widely used to melt solder, babbit, pewter, tin, lead, and other soft metals. These melters are carefully insulated to preserve energy and maintain operator safety. Pot liners are available to handle lead-free alloys and salt compounds. .


Larger  melters are available in electric, natural gas, or propane versions.  Gas melters usually cost more to buy than electric models, but depending upon power costs in your area, may cost less to operate,

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