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Wenesco Melters For Strippable Plastic Coatings

Hot melt coatings are used to protect metal parts from corrosion or damage during handling, shipping, and storage. Parts are dipped into a hot dip-tank containing a solution typically made of polymers mixed with oils, plasticizers, and other materials. When removed and cooled, the resilient, air-tight, strippable coating protects the parts until they are needed 

Wenesco has been manufacturing melting pots for commercial users since 1962.  You can order with confidence because we stand behind our products.  All  models ship with a one-year warranty (copy available on request).


Wenesco's exclusive air convection heating system heats evenly and quickly, like a convection oven. All melters are controlled with an accurate adjustable thermostat, range 70-400F, and numbered in degrees F and C. Interiors are stainless steel, and a top cover is included.

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Wenesco welcomes your inquiry regarding other sizes and shapes. Please follow this LINK and fill out the customization request form.

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