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Wenesco Hot Plates are useful for sealing, pre-heating, re-flow, and processing under controlled temperature conditions.Anodized aluminum plates provide efficient and even heat transfer.
  All plates will support at least 150 pounds.

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bullet Ready Made and
bullet General Purpose Hot Plates including
bullet Very Low Profile and
bullet High Temperature models

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bullet Custom-Built hot plates


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bullet Plates for Wafer manufacturing, including Nitrogen and Vacuum Chucks

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bullet Corrosion-resistant hot plates

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Plates for hazardous locations


Heated blocks for inflammable liquids

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High-Uniformity hot plates

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Round hot plates for drums, stock pots and other containers. 


Chromalox-style hot plates

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Stirrer hot plates

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Die plate PreHeater


Heated Presses

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Glove box hot plates

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Gas fired Hot Plate


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bullet Hand-held and custom-built stationary plates for butt-fusion welding plastic pipe, foam, and sheets

We get letters

"The hot plate that we purchased in 2010 works great and we didn't have any problems with it. Because of the good performance, we just ordered one more hot plate from you. In the future we will consider your company to purchase high quality equipment. "
                                                                               D.F. (Machining services company)

"We received the hot plate unit that you manufactured for our press plate which you also mounted to it.  I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the unit.  You have exceeded my expectations.  As well, my boss was very excited when we uncrated it and had to immediately start to operate it.  He is very pleased with the quality and workmanship as well.  His comment was "now this was well done.  This is very nice.  This is the way it ought to be." 

   I hope you will communicate this to all involved in this project.  I wish every vendor I work with could meet your standard of excellence and workmanship.  I will keep you in mind for any future needs that arise and recommend you to my colleagues. 

  Thank you for a job well done".

David C. Johnson   
Applications Development Technician
Solar Solutions Group, Dow Corning Corporation

     Ready Made Hot Plates

Wenesco's most popular hot plates are usually ready for delivery in 7-14 business days.


Models HP66M,  HP99M, and HP1212M feature an anodized aluminum plate controlled with a 0-575F thermostat. They come complete with a 120V line cord, fuse, and illuminated on-off switch. These hot plates are only 1.5 in high and include insulated finger rests on 3 sides



HPO SERIES HOT PLATES include many features found only in higher priced hot plates. These low profile, anodized aluminum, self-contained units are only 3-7/8". high, and are well suited for use under a microscope. Temperature is controlled with an accurate digital thermostat up to  500 F / 260C.  Insulated finger rests assure operator comfort.. Choose 120 or 240V operation.

Model HPO86 is a good substitute for OK MODEL 570   


Plate Size

Overall Size


6 X 6 in

8 X 8 X 1.5 in


9 X 9 in

11 X 11 X 1.5 in


12 X 12 in

14 X 14 X 1.5 in

HP818M 8 X 18 in 10 X 20 X 1.5 in
Model Plate Size Overall Size


8 x 6"

3.875 H x 14W x 10" D


16 x  6" 

3.875 H x  22W x 10" D


12 X 12 "

3.875 H X 18W X 16"D

                         General Purpose Hot Plates

Model HP1218 shown with optional remote "AH" analog thermostat

Model HP-1212 shown above with optional digital "RS" heat soak thermostat, which is 3ft remote from hot plate.

Model HP-1218 with standard "ST" analog thermostat. 

Model HP12 round hot plate shown with optional digital ( D) thermostat control.  For more round hot plates, click HERE.

Model HP818MH  with  8 x 18 in anodized aluminum plate features an attached stainless steel cover, which swings out of the way when the hot plate is not being used. The overall dimensions are 20x10x4 inches with the cover closed. This hot plate operates at 120V, and is controlled with a built-in analog thermostat. The temperature range is 70 to 550F. Model HP1212 shown with a covered hood just 2 inches over the surface of hot plate. The heating progress is observed thru a high temperature glass cover, which is interchangable with an insulated stainless steel cover.  Temperature is controlled with a remote digital programmable thermostat.

Chart of Sizes & Voltage for General Purpose Models
Square & Rectangular Plates.

Temperature is controlled by a remote thermostat connected by a 3-foot cord.


Plate Size Inches

Overall Size Inches


HP 66

6 X 6

8 X 8 X 2.5" high

120 or 240 1PH

HP 86

6 X 8

8 X 10 X 2.5H

120 or 240 1PH

HP 99

9 X 9

11 X 11 X 2.5H

120 or 240 1PH

HP 816 8 X 16 10 X 18 X 2.5H 120 or 240 1PH

HP 1212

12 X 12

13 X 13 X 2.5" H

120 or 240 1PH

HP 1218

12 X 18

13 X 19 X 4" high

120 or 240 1PH

HP 1224

12 X24

13 X 26 X 4" high

240 1PH

HP 1236

12 X 36

13 X 37 X 4" high

240 1PH

HP 1818

18 X 18

19 X 19 X 4" high

240 1PH

HP 1836

18 X 36

19 X 37 X 4" high

240   1, 3 PH

HP 2424

24 X 24

25 X 25 X 4" high

240 1PH or 3PH

HP 2448

24 X 48

25 X 49 X 4" high

240 1PH or 3PH

Round General Purpose Hot Plates


5 dia

5 dia



9 dia

9 dia



12 dia

12 dia


All models include standard thermostat. See thermostat selection chart for optional thermostats.
**To see more round hot plates, click HERE.

Popular Options
Change voltage-Add more power--Special sizes- and more

Chart of available Analog and Digital Thermostats




Analog-high Digital Digital


Range 120-570 F
Accuracy 5% of set point 2% of Set Point 1% of Set Point 1% of Set Point 1% of Set Point
Output 1 contact

1 relay

2 relays 2 relays 2 relays



Numbered dial in degrees F & C 



Numbered Dial in degrees F & C



Digital Display
Set & Process Temp.Auto-Tune PID Alarm Circuit


Digital Display
Set & Process Temp
Auto-Tune PID
Alarm Circuit
Ramp Soak
31 Programs
126 Segments
Digital Display
Set & Process Temp,
Auto-Tune PID
Alarm Circuit
Ramp Soak
31 Programs, 126 Segments
4-20 MA
additional output for recorder or other device 

Very Low Profile Hot Plates

Model HP 1212OZ shown with optional digital thermostat

Model  Plate size Overall size
HP 66OZ 6 x 6"  8x 8 x 2.0" H
HP 99OZ   99"   11x 11 x  2.0" H
HP12120Z 12 X 12" 14 x 14 x  2.0" H
HP1218OZ 12 X 18" 14 X 20 X  2.0" H
HP1224OZ 12 X 24" 14 X 26 X  2.0" H

                                                                                High Temperature Hot Plates

Model HP99YH with stainless steel plate and "D" remote digital thermostat control for operation up to 1,000F (537C)

Model HP66YX with stainless steel plate and "RS" remote thermostat control for operation up to 1,292F (700C). Temperature capability increases to 1500F (815C) with optional insulated hood

MODEL HP66YX shown with optional insulated hood. The hood is 6"over the plate

                                                                                  Specs for High Temperature Hot Plates



Overall Size


Max Temp


6 X 6"

11 W X 11 D X 5" H

120/240V, 1100 W

1000F (537C)


9 X 9"

14 W X 14 D X 5" H

240V, 2600 W

1000F (537C)


12 X 12"

18 W X 18 D X 5" H

240V,5300 W

1000F (537C)


18 X 18"

26 W X 26 D X 5" H

240V,10300 W



24 X 24"

33 W X 33 D X 5" H

240V,26000 W


 1500 F models






6 x 6"

12 W x  12 D x 6" H

120 / 240V, 1800W

1500F (815C)*


9 X 9"

15 W x 15 D x 6" H

240V, 3500W

1500F (815C)*


12 X 12"

19 W x 19 D x 6" H

240V, 6480 W

1500F (815C)*


18 X 18"

28 W X 28 D X 6" H

240V,13000 W

1500F (815C)*


24 X 24"

34 W X 34 D X 6" H

240V,23600 W

1500F (815C)*

*Maximum temperature with hood.  Maximum without hood is 1,292F (700C)

Chart of Plate Material Characteristics

MATERIAL max temp uniformity heat transfer corrosion resist release wear resist
Anodized aluminum 700F-371C very good very good good good good
Steel,unfinished 1500F-815C fair good poor fair very good
Steel,hard chrome 900F-482C fair good good fair very good
Stainless steel 1500F-815C fair good very good fair very good
Ceramic coating 1500F-815C fair good very good fair good
Reinforced Teflon coat 550F-287C fair good very good very good good

To view hot plates resistant to acids and other strong corrosives, click HERE

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We get letters

"I've been using your model HP01212 hot plate for a while now. Works like a charm.  Using it for repairing PC boards where the procedure requires accurate and stable temperature control throughout the repair process.

I'd highly recommend this product to anyone.


Archie Crawford
Naval Air Warfare Center
China Lake, Cal


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