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Industrial Heating Equipment: 
Hot Plates / Soldering Pots / Melters / High-Temperature Pumps

Wenesco Hot Plates are useful for sealing, pre-heating, re-flow, and processing under controlled temperature conditions.

Anodized aluminum plates provide efficient and even heat transfer.


All plates will support at least 150 pounds.

Wenesco has a long history of producing standard and custom made wave solder pots and systems for the Electronics and Automotive industries.

These devices include wave solder fountains for PCB soldering, Mini-Wave solder pots for selective soldering, custom wave solder pots for continuous wire tinning, and heavy duty lead- free wave solder pots for soldering automotive radiators and battery cables.

We also produce special wave solder systems for soldering stators and armatures

standard and custom made, for heating and blending a wide selection of compounds.

Wenesco High-temperature Pumps are used for transferring molten salt, zinc, lead, and other non-viscous material at 700C. These centrifugal pumps, with no seals, require only minimal maintenance. They are available with electric or air motors.

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