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Shop - Wenesco Stock Machinery

These are all base models. If you need any customization done, please do not order through our web-store. Head over to the product pages and request a customized quote.

Web-store is available to United States customers only. If you are an international customer, please email, or call us directly and we will place an order for you. 

*These models are NOT high-uniformity, or for high-temperatures (above 575F). If you are planning on using the machinery for one of those purposes, please submit a custom request, and we can quote out our models made specifically for that purpose. CR Models are the only Corrosive Resistant hot plates we offer in the web-store. All other models below are not intended for corrosive environments*

Unless specified on the order, your hot plate will be calibrated at 300F

Our Current Lead-Time For any of the (in stock) machines below
is now 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS

Have any questions?

Please don't hesitate to email or call us before placing your order. or (773) 283-3004

Please head over to our products page to see our full line of Industrial Hot Plates, Industrial Melters, Industrial Solder Pots, & Industrial High Temperature Pumps

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