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This page features melters for wax and other products with melting temperatures up to 250F(121C)

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All Wenesco melting pots utilize even convection heating designed and are built to safely melt "soft" materials that liquefy at temperatures up to 250F. These include paraffin wax, machineable wax, soy , bees wax, gels, soap, and many industrial compounds.

Convection heated melters have many important advantages over direct heat or water jacket melters.

1. There is no hot water to spill or evaporate from the jacket during use. Ours cool quickly when turned off when they are empty since only the air and the pot have to cool. Compare to water in a jacket that will retain heat for a very long time.

2. The fully insulated outside case remains cool during use which helps prevent accidental burns and conserve energy. Compare to uninsulated water jacket melters that can get very hot on the outer case.

3. Convection provides even heat like a water jacket melter. Heatup time is 1-1/2 to 2 hours. There are no hot spots like a direct heat melter. This means less danger of burning your product if you have no stirrer in the melting pot. Heater elements are easily replaced and warranted for one year.

4. The temperature control is very accurate which ensures that you will not overheat sensitive products like Shea butter. The air temperature in the jacket will never exceed your setting. Compare to direct heat melters that can have very high element temperatures on the inner surface of the pot during the melting process.

5. Convection can be used with any volume of product with no danger of burning out the heating element. They can run empty safely although this is not recommended. Compare to a water jacket melter where the element can burn out if the water level falls below the element area, since such melters rely on liquid contact to keep the element from overheating. The air circulation cools the heating element in a convection melter.

6. Wenesco melters melt your product just as quickly as direct heat melters because the air jacket heats up instantly. There is no waiting for the water to get hot.  This is a very versatile melter. You can use it for candle production, lip balms, salves, palms and coconut oil mixture for production soap making.
It speeds production since you don't need to melt the oils for each batch separately. Simply weigh out the right amount of palm / coconut oil mix, add it to the lye water, add your liquid oils, blend and pour your batch. Then you can start your next batch immediately since the oil is ready to use.

Wenesco has been manufacturing melting pots for commercial users since 1962. You can order with confidence because we stand behind our products -- all models ship with a one-year warranty (copy available on request).




Model MPW10 shown with optional stirrer 

Model MPW 20

Model MPW15R Slab Melter


A heated drain valve with independent control is included in all models.


Stirrers and pumps are available with all models. Stirrers are available with standard or special
blades depending on the viscocity of the melt.


Melters are available in sizes from 5 to 500 gallons.



of wax



Ship Wt.

Price 120V

Price 240V




11- dia X 10h

14 dia x 16h







16 dia X 12 h

24 dia X 22h




2650 watts @240v



19 dia X 18h

32 dia X 30h


N/A See Model column


1800 watts @120V



19 dia X 18h

32 dia X 30h



See Model column

2200 watts @120V



19 dia X 18h

32 dia X 30h



See Model column




21 X 14 X 12h

25 X 18 X17h






Model MPV15 is an industrial quality dispensing system constructed for long life and dependable performance. Wax temperature is held constant  throughout the system because the pump and most of the plumbing are immersed in the wax. (See schematic drawing below.)

MPV15 shown with heated hose and valve

Model MPV15 shown with optional stirrer, heated hose, and dispensing gun

bullet Model MPV15 double wall melting tank is fully insulated and convection-
heated for fast even heating.
bullet Heater elements are easily accessible
bullet Tank liner is formed with stainless steel
bullet Tank housing is made from stainless steel, with hinged removable cover
bullet Melter capacity: 105 lbs. (10 slabs wax.)
bullet Heated Tank inside dimensions: are  21 x 14 x 12
bullet Flexible heated hose with stainless liner is 6 foot long
bullet Use with all types of wax up to 250 F. 
bullet Pump is smoothly controlled  for accurate flow performance 
bullet Flow rate can be set from 1/2-gpm to 5 gpm.to fill your molds  
bullet Temperature of the wax in the melter and the hose are closely controlled with
twin digital thermostats.
bullet Temperature range: 60-257F (125C) 
bullet Select light weight Trigger gun or NPT shut off valve. 
bullet Stainless steel NPT heated drain valve with independent temperature control is standard.
bullet Operates on 120 or 240V (Please specify preference.)



Model INJ101 is contained in an insulated heated chamber which is controlled with an accurate, adjustable, digital thermostat.  The temperature range of the system is adjustable from 70F to 250F.

Actual temperature and set point is displayed in C and F. Many options are available for customizing this system.

Wax Pots with Removable Liners

Model MNW5 Multi-Melter can be used to melt separate batches of product using a main melter with interchangeable pots. The main melter nests the pot just over a thermostat controlled convection heater. The 5-gal stainless steel pot and contents are easily removed from the main melter.

 Model MNW5 includes two 5-gallon pots with handles.





Warm up time






2- hr

Pot-12h x 12dia
Main melter 18h x12 dia





1- hr

Pot-12h x 12dia
Main melter 18h x12 dia


                                                                                        Extra 5-gallon pots with handles, $160.00 each

 We get letters

"I just want to thank Jon & the others for repairing my melter so quickly! It works better than before...and it is melting that super-hard palm wax in less time.... The spigot is hotter...so I can access my wax more quickly! In the candle business, when you are a sole proprietor, time is money!  And thank you very, very much for cleaning the exterior. My melter looks brand-new! You folks will always have my business in melters as my company grows! Thank you again very much!"
                                                       Roxie Hein, Starfire Candle Studio
"Recently, I brought one of our jacketed wax melting pots into the Wenesco factory for repairs. ...Basically, the unit was totally refurbished.  ...Thank you for the courteous and outstanding service that you provide.  It is a pleasure to do business with Wenesco."
Joan Pikas, Bright Endeavors
"I am sure that most of you have already heard this a million times but let's make it a million and one!
From start to finish of our Melter, your corporation has never failed to be professionals in what you do. I never called your number without getting the answer to my question(s). Within 2 hours of receiving this Melter, it was hooked up and melting my product. The production was given a time frame and it was met within reason. This Melter is very attractive and everyone that is affiliated with Wenesco should be very proud of themselves. Once again. Thank You so much from the Clean the World Family!! You have made a mark on the history of saving lives and that is what we are all about! We look forward to a long relationship with Wenesco Corporation.
    I would appreciate those of you receiving this email to forward it to those that had their hands and their minds involved in this Great Product! We can''t thank you enough."

                             Steven Smith, Operational Engineer, Clean the World

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