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Wenesco Die Plate Pre-Heater

(Left) Wenesco Model HP10922 Portable Die Plate Preheater is based on the original PROBAG  preheater. It is designed to quickly mount to an extruder die face prior to the extrusion process.

  • The plate is 11 inches (280 mm) diameter anodized aluminum, 1 inch thick.

  • The fully insulated  housing is made from stainless steel with perforated walls. 

  • Power: 3300 watts @ 240V, 13.75 amps The standard line cord is 60 inch (1524 mm) long.

  • Temperature is controlled at 550F with an adjustable analog thermostat. 

  • The dual floating spring mounting bolts have hand fastening knobs. These bolts are 180 degrees apart. 

  • Overall Dimensions: 14 in (355mm) diameter x 8.77 in (223mm) high, including handle and bolts.

  • Heavy duty handles are mounted on the top and side.



Please email directly for any inquiries regarding purchasing Wenesco Die Plate Pre-Heaters.

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