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Wenesco Gas Fired Melters

Gas-Fired Melting Pots for soft metals including Tin, Lead, Solder, Babbitt, Zinc, Pewter, Cerro, & Lead Free Alloys under 1000F (538C)

All Wenesco melting pots include safety features and comply with all national codes for commercial and industrial gas heating equipment.

Options include:

Digital thermostat, Electric Ignition, Heated Drain, and more.


(BELOW) Model MPM420


(Left) Model MPM1002. The melter, fully insulated to conserve energy, is equipped with an exhaust fitting ready for connection to an 8-inch duct. The side-mounted thermostat may be wired for 120 or 240V and leg length can be changed to suit your requirements. 


Customized/Special Melters

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