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Wenesco High Temperature Furnace

Wenesco High Temperature Furnace


The furnace walls are constructed mainly with insulated firebrick, 2 inches thick, and is surrounded with a stainless steel shell. The base has 3-inch firebrick mounted on a robust galvanized steel stand. The rated maximum load is 150 lbs. 
  The furnace includes a lock-in lid support, two wide view peep holes, ventilated louvered switch box, and two hand lifts.


  • Max temperature: 2300F (1259C)

  •  Power:3600 W 240V single phase, 60HZ (optional 208V) 

  • Temperature controlled with an accurate digital thermostat   

  • Inside dimensions: 13" dia x 12.5" high    

  • Outside dimensions: 24" dia x 24" high   

  • Ship weight: 167 lbs (76kg)

Wenesco High Temperatue Furnace

(Below) Clay Graphite Crucibles

Our clay/graphite bilge-shape crucibles are rated for 2,750 F (1,510 C). They will handle gold, silver, zinc, aluminum, brass, bronze, and other non-ferrous alloys.  
    Wenesco can also supply crucibles made from various alloys for other melting applications.

Wenesco Model TONG2

Model TONG2 latching clamp tongs to lift crucible  from furnace. One set of tongs is needed for each size crucible selected and prices vary with size. Inquire for price.

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