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Wenesco Ready Made Hot Plates


(Left) Models HP66M, HP99M, and HP1212M feature an anodized aluminum plate controlled with an 0-575F thermostat. They come complete with a 120V line cord, fuse, and illuminated on-off switch. These hot plates are only 1.5in high and include insulated finger rests on 3 sides.


(Left) HPO SERIES HOT PLATES include many features found only in higher priced hot plates. These low profile, anodized aluminum, self-contained units are only 3-7/8" high, and are well suited for use under a microscope. Temperature is controlled with an accurate digital thermostat up to 500 F / 260C. Insulated finger rests assure operator comfort.

Choose 120 or 240V operation.

Model HPO86 is a good substitute for OK MODEL 570 

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