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Wenesco Wax Melting Pots

All Wenesco melting pots utilize even convection heating and are built to safely melt "soft" materials that liquefy at temperatures up to 250F.


Convection heated melters have many advantages over direct heat or water jacket melters:

  1. There is no hot water to spill or evaporate with convection heating. Ours cool quickly when turned off and the pot is empty. The water in the jacket retains heat for a very long time.

  2. Unlike uninsulated water jacket melters, convection melters  are fully insulated. The exterior remains cool during use which helps prevent accidental burns and conserve energy.  

  3. Convection provides even heat.  Heat up time is usually 1-1/2 to 2 hours. There are no hot spots like a direct heat melter. This means less danger of burning your product if you have no stirrer in the melting pot.

  4. Our accurate digital temperature control ensures that you will not overheat sensitive products.  The air temperature in the jacket will never exceed your setting.

  5.  Convection heating can be used with little danger of burning out heating elements.  The high watt density element in a water jacket melter will  burn out if the water level falls and exposes the immersion element.


(Above) Model MW20

(Above) Model MW15R

  • A heated drain valve with independent control is included in all models.

  • blades depending on the viscocity of the melt.

  • Custom-made melters are available up to 600 gallons.

Customized/Special Melters

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