Wenesco Static Solder Pot

Wenesco Static Solder Pots

An alternate method for soldering circuit boards.


Soldering circuit boards in a shallow pot dates back to the 1950's and is still a reliable method of low volume soldering of PCB's.

  1. First spray or brush soldering flux on the bottom of the board. Next skim the surface of the pot to clear surface dross (oxidation).

  2. Finally, using a "board gripper," dip the board flat into the molten solder.

  3. The board will solder in less than 5 seconds.


    Our standard models are thermostat controlled up to 575F.

  • All models are thermostat controlled. The dial is numbered 1-10. 

  • Temperature range is 450F-950F (DEPENDING ON MODEL AND THERMOSTAT)/ Accuracy approximately +/- 25F .

  • Power controls are available to reduce temperature range to 0-575F.

  • Digital thermostats, (standard on P19D) are available for close temperature control, temperature display, and expanded range ( 0-950F).

Wenesco Model MPM 59H shown with T99 adjustable board gripper

(Above) Model MPM 59H 

(Below) Model MPM 225 with remote digital thermostat

Wenesco MPM 25 with remote digital thermostat
Wenesco Model MPM16

(Above) Model MPM16

(Below) MPM 25, MPM 32 (W/Lid)

Wenesco Model MPM25, MPM 32

Accessories / Options

  • T99 adjustable board grippers may be used with all flat pots. (Pictured Below)

Wenesco Inc T99 Board Gripper

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