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Wenesco Welcome to Wenesco, Inc.


Here is the on-line product catalogue of Wenesco, Inc., manufacturing in Chicago since 1962.   An index of links to specific products is shown in yellow at the left side of this page. 
If you prefer to browse by category, then use the links below.

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In grateful memory of
Brian Lowenthal,
who founded Wenesco
in 1962 and led us
every day until his final breath.
March 17, 1935 - August 22, 2016

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Industrial Hot Plates
Standard models and custom made. up to 1500F
Sizes 2 X 2" to 48 X 136"


Wave Solder pots
for selective soldering, wave soldering, Rework, Standard and Custom made


High Temperature Pumps
for molten salts, zinc, lead.
Custom made and standard


Wax Melting pots
for all types of Wax
with stirrers, transferpumps, heated hose, Up to 250F


standard and custom made, for heating and blending a wide selection of compounds
Up to 450F

Electric Melting Pots
for soft metals including lead, tin, babbit, and most lead free alloys Up to 1000F


Gas fired Melters
Custom made, for soft metals Sizes from 50 to 5000lbs
Up to 850F

High temperature Furnace crucible for melting gold, silver and other metals.
Sizes from 72 oz to 150 lbs. Up to 2350 F

Static Solder pots
for Printed Circuit Board
PCB)  soldering



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Wenesco, Inc.
4700 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60641  USA

Telephone (773) 283-3004.      Toll-free: (800) 233-4430.      FAX: (773) 283-3787


Por Favor Comuniquese con Juan Hernandez : (773) 283-3004, ext 103

Microptik BV is our distributor serving Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  Visit their site:

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