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Wenesco Preheaters

Need to preheat circuit boards?  Wenesco's PowerMax preheaters are designed to retrofit existing wave solder systems, replace or augment existing preheaters, and as a self-contained, stand-alone unit on your work bench.

POWER MAX preheaters utilize powerful radiant heating elements which transfer heat to a target, one inch above the preheater surface, at a rate of 3 deg C/sec.

All preheaters include an accurate digital thermostat that displays current temperature and set point  The temperature range is 25C to 300C. An illuminated on- off switch, fuse, and a 5-ft line cord are standard.

Wenesco PreHeaters

Special Preheaters 

Wenesco can furnish custom made preheaters for special preheat applications. Heat can be directed to selected areas using square, rectangular, or round nozzles sized to those areas   We can also design adjustable or fixed pcb holders to hold your pcb in the desired position over the preheater

(Below) Model PMX 66R digital preheater with built-in adjustable rails

Wenesco PreHeaters

(Below) Model PMX 1212 radiant panel preheater shown with remote digital thermostat

Wenesco PreHeaters
Wenesco PreHeaters

(Above) Special preheater with a 6" x 2" heated area.

(Below) Model PMX 1212 preheater shown with separate adjustable rails.

Wenesco PreHeaters

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