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Wenesco Wave Type Re-Work

Include an adjustable radiant preheater which greatly reduces the time and temperature requirement during the flow cycle when working with multilayer PCBs. Preheat activates flux prior to soldering and eliminates thermal shock which may otherwise cause localized warpage, thru-hole damage, and delamination. Components are positioned over the mini-wave nozzle which matches the lead pattern of the component. Controlled solder flow to the thru-hole pattern transmits minimal heat to the leads. After extraction, holes are cleared with low pressure air, then a new component is inserted and soldered.


(Above) This Concept 5 will remove connectors up to 6in long from a multilayer PCB.

(Above Right/Right) This Concept 6 will remove connectors up to 14 inches long from a multilayer PCB.


  • Ceramic coated interior for standard or lead free alloys.

  • Digital thermostat maintains solder temperature up to 350C (662F).

  • Adjustable radiant preheater.

  • Adjustable slide rails.

  • Accurate timer, footswitch activated, controls solder flow duration.

  • Vari speed Dual mode Pump assures a dross free wave.

  • Laser Pointer locates nozzle under component with glowing red dot.

  • Stainless Steel exterior housing with adjustable feet.

  • Two standard nozzles-See list.

  • Blow out hand gun, to clear holes after component removal-OPTIONAL


Custom nozzles:
Send Wenesco a sample or drawing of your component. We will submit a drawing of a nozzle for your approval

 Simply tell us the X and Y dimensions of the components you want to desolder. We supply the nozzles to your specs

(Right) Concept 5 Standard nozzles for use with Wenesco rework stations

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